Snatt’s de Grefusa
Virginia Torrecilla, Amanda Sampedro, Lucía Rodríguez, Ludmila da Silva
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Snatt’s by Grefusa, the range of baked snacks with cereals and nuts, pays tribute to the 'First Queens' of women's football as part of its sponsorship of the Queens League Oysho. Snatt’s has launched a campaign that recovers stories of the pioneers of football in Spain. Stories like those of Kubalita, Quilla, Caracuel, Isa Fuentes, Eli, Ángela, or Isi.

At this point, the brand turns to our agency to create a campaign leveraging its homage to the First Queens, resulting in the 'Duo QueensSnatts' campaign. With this campaign, we aimed to bring together the first footballers of our country with current players so that, through digital content, they could share their stories and perspectives on the world of football."

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Gemma Mengual

European, world, and Olympic synchronized swimming medallist, retired to become a mother, and returned to compete in the Rio Olympics.
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Irene Paredes and Lucía Ybarra

The professional Football Club Barcelona player and the international indoor hockey player completely changed their lives the moment Mateo arrived.
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Marta Arce

Paralympic athlete in Judo for visually impaired individuals, has participated in four Paralympic Games: Athens, Beijing, London, and Tokyo. Mother of three children, her story is characterized by resilience.
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Gemma Arenas

Elite athlete, seven-time international with the Spanish Trail Team, and two-time world runner-up, Gemma always tries to bring her two children with her to the races. A story of effort and dedication that's truly fascinating.
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Ana Carrasco
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Virginia Torrecilla
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Virginia Torrecilla & Jorge Amor
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Bomba Hache & Telmo Trenado
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Meli Gretter & Croquetamente
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